January 07, 2014


Body art tip of the day: 


Too much is too much and if you make it small it's not going to look good ever! Unlike paper, your skin will move, sag and do strange things as you age therefore your tiny ass lettering will blur into an unreadable mess over time. Why not get your artist to illustrate that quote instead of spelling it all out? I mean that is why you went to see an "artist" in the first place instead of an "editor". Besides, it makes for a boring ass tattoo and makes you a boring person because you are too lazy to tell a story with artwork. Keep it to a minimum (a few words) and if your "artist" uses a computer instead of DRAWING the letters, get another artist!

Lettering in different languages!

I don't know how many times I have had people come in asking for Chinese and when they show me the character it is actually Japanese and not really caring what language it is all so they can seem cultured and interesting. How about do your homework and know what culture you are borrowing shit from and/or insulting.