January 16, 2014

Tip of the day "Safety"

Keep your kids out of a tattoo studio unless you're planning on taking them to a bar afterwards. It bothers and distracts the artists as they are working on other people, especially the ones who stayed out of the breeding pool. Would you like it if your tattoo time was interrupted or if the concentration of your artist is broken? Being potentially exposed to bloodborne pathogens from other people on their developing immune systems is a risk. It's a bad parenting choice and just being in the lobby makes them no safer. Children also carry nasty germs because they touch everything including oraphaces on their own body and then touch other shit as they cross contaminate everything their little germy hands come in contact with. 

Take an ink pen and make a tiny dot, the Hepatitis C virus can survive outside the body at room temperature, on environmental surfaces, for at least 16 hours but no longer than 4 days.

Health Risk Scenario: Customer has Hepatitis C, they lied on their paperwork and they are the only ones who know. They need a smoke break, but go to the toilet first. While in the washroom, they are admiring their tattoo so far and their skin is leaking body fluid and some blood from the bandage. They touch it and just rinse their finger a bit (not washing with soap and warm water) ... There is a trace amount of their blood on their hand and now the door of the bathroom, they go for the smoke break and now door that exits the building now also contaminated. Upon re entry, yep you guessed it, the door handle on the outside of the building is now contaminated. They sit in the lobby as they want to look at the portfolios and maybe some flash on the wall... Guess what is contaminated now? ..... Now you show up with your child and children know one speed, wide open and stop. Your child runs to the door knowing they are too short and weak to open the door but they tug on the handle anyway before you get there, the same door handle that is contaminated. You finally get inside and to keep your kid occupied you allow them to look at some of the books with you, but they want to turn the pages, the contaminated pages. Well the books are now boring to your child so you see no harm in them flipping through the flash racks to see the pictures, the ... yep you guessed it ... contaminated flash racks and now your child has been exposed 3 times to Hep C and all it needs now is a point of entry that includes but not limited to eyes, nose, mouth, ears, or even a tiny cut. That's all it takes and now congratulations your child now has Hepatitis C because you saw no harm in taking them to the tattoo studio. This is not limited to just children, Hepatitis does not descriminate on age, sex, color or size!